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The Moran Motorsports Mainline ProHub Extreme 8000 Dyno allows you to take the variables out of testing and tuning at the track. Repeatable and accurate testing gives you the ability to dial in your vehicle's tune. The ProHub Extreme chassis dynamometer is rated at 8,000 hp at 2000 axle rpm, and 17,000 ft/lbs. axle torque. It is capable of road speeds of 310 mph.  

  • Dyno can hold 8000hp and 17,000 ft/lbs. of torque
  • Race Track Simulator Mode allows the customer to launch car off trans brake and go through all gears under full power
  • Rentals available for all tuners; supports all EFI systems and engine combinations
  • Axle adaptors for every combination from a Top Dragster to a Nissan Street Car
  • High speed ethernet connectivity for remote tuners that are off-site
  • Engineered dyno room with balanced airflow for repeatability
  • On-site availability of state-of-the-art tools, welding and fabrication
  • Dyno is capable of running speeds up to 310mph

MRE Hub Dyno Rental  $1,750.00 per day
 - or -
MRE Hub Dyno Rental + Tuning  $2,750.00 per day